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Please note, nothing I write on any website is legal advice. Nor does any communication in which we engage form any type of client / consultant relationship on behalf of myself or any law firm in which I work. Please do not act or refrain from acting based on anything you see on my Facebook Timeline or as the result of any private messages we share. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY AND DO NOT PRETEND TO BE. I have no formal legal training.  At times, I may sound like an attorney only because I have worked for and surrounded myself with attorneys. I am often rephrasing what I have heard from them. If you need to seek advice from an attorney, please go to Consumer Credit Attorney.

Why should I care what you say?

For the most part you shouldn’t. But when it comes to the credit repair space I have been working for law firms that fight creditors since 2003. I owned Xpert Credit Repair from 2005 to 2023. I have reviewed more credit reports, overseen more disputes and successful resolutions with creditors than most in this industry. All of this without disputing at the credit reporting agencies as a main practice. Some people have confused my deep experience in the credit repair industry as knowing what I am doing.

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